Spring Concert May 12, 2019: Ecco la Primavera

Hurly Burly presents:

Ecco la Primavera: Renaissance Music for Springtime
Sun., May 12, 2019 ~ 2:30pm – 4pm

Hurly Burly steps into the dazzling world where the Renaissance began — Italy — with a programme of beautiful songs and dances.

Music in Italy after 1325 blossomed with profusions of amazing harmony and multi-part singing, and delightful tunes for dancing. In this concert, Hurly Burly will showcase some of the enchanting, rapturous, and frivolous treasures of this repertoire.

This is a slightly shorter concert than our usual fare. Bring your Mother, and enjoy some homemade treats afterwards!

At St. John’s Anglican Church in the Guild Hall, Brock St., Peterborough, tickets at the door.

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