Concert Notes: Jeu-parti

IMG_0659Some notes on the music, in the week leading up to Sunday’s concert:

Debate songs (jeu-parti) are very like the debates we have today where one debates the issue regardless of whether one agrees with one’s arguments.

In Je vous pri, [a jeu-parti between Dame Margot, likely of the Puy d’Arras (a guild of troubadours), and Marie de Diergnau], the question is put out by Dame Margot and Dame Maroie chooses her side, thus requiring Dame Margot to debate the other: A woman is loved dearly and loves dearly in return … Should she reveal her feelings or remain silent?

Favourite quote: “Madness is necessary to preserve good love if one wants to enjoy its pleasures.”

Vox Feminae, Sun. May 13th at 2:30 p.m.


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